Click the above image to see the full size version of Al Nisbet’s controversial cartoon.

Vulgar cartoon offends everyone equally

A vulgar cartoon that ran in the Marlborough Express yesterday has caused enormous offense to absolutely everyone, including the cartoon’s artist, who has suggested the paper should apologise for publishing it. The cartoon, which was drawn by award-winning cartoonist Al Nisbet, features a giant ejaculating penis raining semen down upon […]

It’s not snow yet, but Dunedin residents are desperately hoping it will be.

Nation shuts down waiting for nation to shut down due to snow

In anticipation of forecasted potential snow this week, much of the country ground to a halt today as workers entered an incessant cycle of refreshing the MetService website in between long stints of gazing blankly out their windows. Although snow actually fell in only a few isolated areas, many businesses […]

The ICPA says that those who complained about the Urewera raids have failed to understand the distinction between “goodies and baddies.”

Urewera report unable to reconcile idea that police can break law

An independent report into the 2007 Urewera raids has been unable to reconcile the idea that the police could break the law, with all investigators from the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) agreeing that law enforcement authorities cannot break the law, because they are the law. In October of 2007, […]

Auckland residents say that stormy weather has provided them with the comforting illusion that something dramatic is happening.

Lightning, water spouts provide country impression that something is happening

A series of heavy storms across the country has provided observers with the distinct impression that something is happening in New Zealand. A low pressure system brought thunderstorms to several highly populated areas of the country over the last two days, and Auckland residents have witnessed tornado-like phenomena known as […]

The sky is no place for the physically or mentally challenged, says Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand bans disabled passengers from all flights

Air New Zealand has today announced a policy that will bar disabled passengers from being able to book tickets on both domestic and international flights, in order to help prevent future inconvenience to normal, human passengers. The decision follows an incident earlier this week on a flight from Auckland to […]

Meteorologists concerned about large offshore H

Meteorologists concerned about large offshore H

Meteorologists are expressing grave concerns for several of the country’s coastal towns this afternoon after the discovery of an enormous letter H just off the east coast of New Zealand. The H, which is estimated to be 300-400km in length and 200-300km in width, is moving rapidly to the northwest, […]