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Winston Peters informs mall shoppers that he can now cook Chinese food, and they can “just come to [him] from now on.”

Winston Peters learns to cook Chinese food, insists no more need for immigrants

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has told a North Shore Grey Power meeting this afternoon that he has learned how to cook “that Chinese rubbish, or whatever it is these kids like to eat,” thus removing any possible need for Chinese immigrants to enter the New Zealand economy. He […]

Kevin Fenaughty points at some squiggly lines that showed up on his thingamy when the number happened.

Relatively large number occurs off coast of Pacific island

Geologists from GNS Science have reported that a reasonably large number has occurred this morning off the coast of “one of several” Pacific islands where those sorts of things tend to happen. The number, which was felt only by people on micro-blogging site Twitter, was somewhere between 6 and 8, […]

By Sam Neill

Opinion: I’m not a scientist, but allow me to say a few things about science

As with most people, I didn’t really hear about science for the first few decades of my life. Oh, every now and then you’d see it mentioned in the newspaper, or perhaps in a book somewhere; “science” had solved some great conundrum, such as how to make butter spreadable. But […]

UK to launch anti-terror ‘stop it, we don’t like it’ campaign

UK to launch anti-terror ‘stop it, we don’t like it’ campaign

Following the heroic actions of a British mother-of-two who bravely confronted a pair of Islamic terrorists in the streets of London today, the UK Government is considering whether the best approach to terrorism is to encourage the public to simply talk it out with their assailants. Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, 48, potentially […]

These minimum wage surgeons may be unsure what to do next, but with enough private funding, the Government is confident they’ll figure it out.

Government to introduce charter hospitals

The National Government has today announced plans to introduce a number of charter hospitals, similar to their charter school counterparts, in major population centres around the country. The hospitals, which would be owned, operated or sponsored by private enterprises, would dissociate themselves from the current public health system and not […]

The ICPA says that those who complained about the Urewera raids have failed to understand the distinction between “goodies and baddies.”

Urewera report unable to reconcile idea that police can break law

An independent report into the 2007 Urewera raids has been unable to reconcile the idea that the police could break the law, with all investigators from the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) agreeing that law enforcement authorities cannot break the law, because they are the law. In October of 2007, […]