Air New Zealand flight attendant named CEO after one year on job

New Zealand’s national carrier, Air New Zealand, has expressed great enthusiasm in announcing its new CEO today: 51-year-old Nathan Guy, a flight attendant who has spent about 1200 hours on the job. Guy joined the company as a fresh-faced, wide-eyed flight attendant [...]

National Party board denies it unanimously agreed to Collins’ Faustian bargain with Satan

National Party president Peter Goodfellow is today issuing a strong denial on behalf of the party’s board, saying they did not, at any point, agree to the Faustian bargain that National leader [...]

Other News

Green Party celebrates 60th anniversary of Hillary’s ascent by ‘getting really high’

Green Party celebrates 60th anniversary of Hillary’s ascent by ‘getting really high’

The Green Party caucus has failed to turn up to Parliament today after they decided to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary’s conquest of Everest by “getting really high, just like he did.” A red-eyed Russel Norman explained the decision to media at an accidental press conference held […]

Labour believes New Zealand’s tallest mountain could stand to be a whole lot taller.

Labour floats plan to make Mount Cook ‘taller than Everest’

To coincide with the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary’s conquest of Mount Everest, Labour has announced that if elected into power at the next general election, it will initiate a radical plan to make New Zealand’s tallest peak the world’s tallest. Labour’s tourism spokesman Andrew Little revealed the plan […]

Today’s train derailment in Baltimore has provided the media with a much needed news item to help remind people that they are never safe from anything.

Media relieved after thing explodes during slow news week

The world’s western news media are feeling pretty good this morning after the derailment and subsequent explosion of a train in the U.S. state of Maryland. The train, which crashed into a garbage truck in an eastern suburb of Baltimore, caused an enormous explosion that damaged houses, collapsed buildings and […]

Patrick Gower is angry, and wants to know when someone will get sacked.

Poll shows public holds balance of power at 2014 election

A public opinion poll conducted by 3 News and Reid Research has shown that the voting public may play a crucial role in the outcome of next year’s general election. The poll, which showed virtually no change from its predecessor, cast a dramatic new light on the upcoming election, said […]

Thousands of boxes of Le Snak will be delivered to the nation’s poorest schools starting later this year.

Government partners with Uncle Tobys to provide hungry children with Le Snak

In response to a member’s bill – authored by Mana Party leader Hone Harawira – that would seek to provide state-funded breakfasts to hungry children in low-decile schools, the Government is proposing its own version of the legislation, which would instead develop a partnership with popular food brand Uncle Tobys […]

It’s not snow yet, but Dunedin residents are desperately hoping it will be.

Nation shuts down waiting for nation to shut down due to snow

In anticipation of forecasted potential snow this week, much of the country ground to a halt today as workers entered an incessant cycle of refreshing the MetService website in between long stints of gazing blankly out their windows. Although snow actually fell in only a few isolated areas, many businesses […]